OOAK Couture Dolls



Poppy Parker Repaint

October 2013


Base doll:

Poppy Parker as Sabrina, Miss Fairchild

Complete facial repaint

Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 collection inspired

OOAK Mod Model


Base doll:

Mattel Birthstone Barbie, Steffie facemold

Complete facial repaint

Hair restyled

Fashions: handsewn and handpainted





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Jason Wu Monsieur Z doll Repaint


Base doll:

Jason Wu Monsieur Z doll "Fine and Dandy"

Complete facial repaint

Hair cut and restyled




Poppy Parker Repaint


Base doll:

Integrity Toys Poppy  Poppy Parker as Sabrina, Most Sophisticated giftset.

Complete facial repaint






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Momo - OOAK Barbie doll


"Momo" is a novel written by Michael Ende 1973 (the same author who wrote the "neverending story"), made into a film 1986 ( a german/italian production). It´s a wonderful story about the meaning of time and a girl named "Momo", who has the special ability to help people just by listening to them.


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I am in no way related to the Mattel- or any other Doll-Company. I am just using the dolls as a canvas for my artistic expression. I am also not related to the Walt Disney Company, I am just inspired by the art of animation. This site is a non commercial non profit site displaying my repainting skills. I don´t claim ownership of any of the characters, that are displayed. All Disney characters belong to the Disney company. I am buying dolls and enhancing them through paint paying tribute to the art of animation, I don´t copy any preexistent dolls. I don´t sell dolls, this website is a virtual Gallery of my art.

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