Walt Disney's Briar Rose OOAK doll

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Please check out this amazing site I am proud to be part of: the repaint society (click on photo to be forwarded to the site).

The greatest doll artists in the world are collaborating on diverse doll projects and more. Our current Project was the ABC TV Show "Once Upon A Time".


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I am in no way related to the Mattel- or any other Doll-Company. I am just using the dolls as a canvas for my artistic expression. I am also not related to the Walt Disney Company, I am just inspired by the art of animation. This site is a non commercial non profit site displaying my repainting skills. I don´t claim ownership of any of the characters, that are displayed. All Disney characters belong to the Disney company. I am buying dolls and enhancing them through paint paying tribute to the art of animation, I don´t copy any preexistent dolls. I don´t sell dolls, this website is a virtual Gallery of my art.

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