Figurine Repaints

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Walt Disney´s Tinkerbell

 Ornament repaint

March 2015



Base Ornament:

Hallmark Keepsake Ornament

Tinkerbell stuck in keywhole

3" high

facial repaint, pixie dust added


 Disney´s Frozen

Elsa moneybox figurine repaint

Dezember 2014



Knock-off 9" plastic moneybox

Complete facial and hair repaint,


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I am in no way related to the Mattel- or any other Doll-Company. I am just using the dolls as a canvas for my artistic expression. I am also not related to the Walt Disney Company, I am just inspired by the art of animation. This site is a non commercial non profit site displaying my repainting skills. I don´t claim ownership of any of the characters, that are displayed. All Disney characters belong to the Disney company. I am buying dolls and enhancing them through paint paying tribute to the art of animation, I don´t copy any preexistent dolls. I don´t sell dolls, this website is a virtual Gallery of my art.

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