The Little Mermaid

inspired by Hans Christian Andersen

Do you know the original story of the little mermaid?
Hans Christian Anderesen's Little mermaid  also fell in love with the prince, but the reason to become human was not only to be with her true love, but also to get an immortal soul, because mermaids don't have a soul. If the prince will marry her, she will get a soul, if he marries someone else her heart will break and she will dissolve into sea foam, and since mermaids don't have a soul, she will be gone forever.
In the original fairytale the little mermaid didn't get her happy ending like Disney's Ariel. At the end of the story the prince marries another princess. The poor little mermaid can only save her life by killing her prince with an enchanted knife. She can only safe herself by sacrificing her true love, the prince who will never will be hers.... But she can't do it because she still loves him...even more than her own life. So at the end she decides to sacrifice herself instead. She throws herself into the water knowing that she will turn into sea foam and be gone forever. After falling into the water she feels that her body dissolves into sea foam and this is the moment I wanted to capture with my doll. The sadness of the mermaid in this particular moment, when she thinks that she lost everything, her true love and a chance to get an immortal soul.

But after her body turns into cold sea foam she doesn't die. As a gift for her sacrifice she is turned into a ethereal creature, a daughter of the air, and will have the chance to earn an immortal soul.

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