Cartoon Repaint Commissions open


I offer my painting skills as commission to repaint dolls in the likeness of cartoon and animated characters! I only accept commissions to paint 11-12 inch dolls (Barbie sized) right now.


I don ´t sell the dolls you find on my page! I offer my painting skills as commission. I´m an artist... no store, every doll is handpainted and absolutely unique. I don´t replicate or duplicated dolls, that I already have created. Please don´t ask me to make a doll look exactly like a doll that already is in existance! I also don´t copy the work of other artists or the Disney company.

I may refuse to do a commission if  it's a character that is often requested, because I don't want to do the same character over and over again. I hope for your understanding. Please read everything on this page, before contacting me.  All your questions might be already answered here!



The Commission Price for  11-12" dolls in the likeness of a 2D or 3D animated character is 500  USD

Price is not negotiable and there are no discounts.  You pay for a Lulemee original repaint.


The commission pricing consist of : removing the original facepaint of a doll, painting a new face with artist quality acrylic paints and sealers using miniature brushes, adding real lashes if required and restyling the hair.

 A doll is not included in the commission price, the customer must supply the doll to be repainted! The price does not include shipping or full insurance or special packaging. The customer must pay for and make those Arrangements.



Half of the commission price has to be paid in advance as deposit. I will not start to work on your doll before half of the balance is paid. The rest of the balance is due within one month after completion date and must be paid in full before the doll can be mailed. Failure to complete payment on the commissioned doll  will result in the customer loosing all rights to the doll and the doll will become my possession and will be auctioned on Ebay.  No monies will be returned as the money that is deposited for a commission goes towards the work completed.



Here how it works:

1. The doll you want to be repainted must be send to me. I do not offer any insurance or take any responsibility for the condition of your doll in the process of shipping, so please insure your doll accordingly.  Carefully wrap the doll in bubble wrap and take extra precautions in shipping and insure your doll.  Please take to notice that I live in Germany, so shipping takes long and is not cheap.  However in some cases I can offer to get a doll for you on your cost, if  the doll is available in the german Disney-Store or Amazon.


2. I will give your doll a totally new repaint of the face after removing carefully the factory paint. I use high quality artist acrylic paints, sealers and brushes. After starting  to work on your doll, the doll cannot be restored into the original form, the factory paint is gone forever.


3. You have to choose reference pictures of your desired character with the expression you want your doll to have. You have to know, that face sculpts of dolls limite the possibilities of expressions, e.g. a doll with a smiling face cannot be painted into a sad doll.


4. If desired I will style the hair of the doll as well for no  extra cost, but I will not reroot or change the Color of the hair in any way. I will work with the hair the doll already has. There are no discounts or a break in the price if you do not want the hair styled.


5. I will not copy my earlier work or work of other artists! I also don´t copy commercial dolls that are on the market. Every repaint is unique and must be accepted as is, of course I will give my very best and if you like my dolls you won´t be disappointed.

I don´t sew doll clothes as commission!


7. In general, I need about 3 months to finish a commission up from the moment the doll arrives and the deposit is paid.



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I am in no way related to the Mattel- or any other Doll-Company. I am just using the dolls as a canvas for my artistic expression. I am also not related to the Walt Disney Company, I am just inspired by the art of animation. This site is a non commercial non profit site displaying my repainting skills. I don´t claim ownership of any of the characters, that are displayed. All Disney characters belong to the Disney company. I am buying dolls and enhancing them through paint paying tribute to the art of animation, I don´t copy any preexistent dolls. I don´t sell dolls, this website is a virtual Gallery of my art.

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